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Integrity, Self-reliance and Compassion

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Family Origins:

The name Gupta is very common in India. Guptas can be found in the Indian states of Punjab, Jammu Kashmir, Himchal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.In Punjab and Jammu Kashmir some Guptas have chosen to call themselves Mahajans, which is a generic name of the broader famiy to which Guptas belong..

This web site, however, is devoted to the Gupta family that originally came from Chakroi, a small village in the state of Jammu Kashmir in India. Chakroi is located very close to the border of the Sialkot district of West Punjab, Pakistan. Being on the border, Chakroi has suffered greatly from India/Pakistan wars since India's independence in 1947, and is now virtually deserted.

At one time, Chakroi was a prosperous agricultural village. The Gupta family who lived there for many generations were well educated and most of them were employed in the government service. For instance, Ram Chand Gupta, the starting point for the purposes of this web site, was a village Patwari. He was responsible for the distribution of irrigation water to the local farmers and collection of taxes from them on behalf of the government of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
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Ram Chand (1878-1922) had three sons and seven daughters. The three sons were: Munshi Ram, Mulkh Raj and Bishan Das. Of the seven daughters only one survived. Her name is Gian Devi. Unfortunately, Ram Chand passed away when his eldest son Munshi Ram was barely 22 years of age. It was Munshi Ram who took charge of the family and brought up his brothers and sisters after his father's death.

Ram Chand believed in the importance of higher education and sent his eldest son Munshi Ram to the Hewitt Civil Engineering College in Lucknow from where he graduated in 1920. Later, continuing with this tradition started by his father, Munshi Ram sent both of his younger brothers to graduate from the same college.Thus it became a family of Civil Engineers. Munshi Ram served with Public Works Department while Mulkh Raj and Bishan Das spent all of their working life with the Military Engineering Service of the Indian Army. They were all very successful in their respective careers.

Ram Chand was a man of principles and was highly regarded by his peers in the community. He brought up his children extremely well. He inculcated in them the family values of integrity, self-reliance and compassion. Adherence to these values has helped his children and grand children achieve success and happiness in their lives regardless of in which part of the world they have decided to settle.

Current Status:

Ram Chand's all sons and daughters, except for Gian Devi, are by now deceased. Gian Devi currently lives with her son Vidya Sagar in Amritsar, Punjab, India.

Ram Chand's grandchildren are doing well and are currently settled all across the globe.

Future Prospects:

The future bodes really well for the Gupta family. It is hoped that adherence to the family values of integrity, self-reliance and compassion, left behind as a valuable legacy by the elders, will continue to bring happiness and prosperity to the current and future generations of the Gupta family.

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