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Ravi Prakash

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Ram Chand/Munshi Ram/Ravi Prakash

Biographical Sketch:

Born 1936 in Chakroi, J&K, India; married Koushalya (Koushy) Vazirani in 1962; graduated with Bachelor's degree in Arts from Delhi University in 1955 and Master's degree in Economics from Punjab University in 1958;  Affiliate of the Institute of Management Accounts, U.K.; Member of the British Computer Society; Member of Canadian Information Processing Society; worked with Indian Civil service for 6 years, IT professional for 20 years in UK and Canada, co-founder and CEO/Chairman of FreeBalance Inc., a software company, for thirteen years; served on the board of directors of the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) from 1994-96; served on the Financing of the New Economy Task Force set up by Canadian federal government in 1995; Member of Lions Club International; hobbies include reading, traveling and music; two children, daughter: Veena, son: Praveen Kumar.

Current Residence:

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

eMail Address: [email protected]

Picture Gallery:

Family Photo at Veena's Engagement (April 2004)

Ravi & Koushy (1976)

Photo at Praveen's Wedding
(April 2003)


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